Saturday May 26th - The Calm Before the Storm

Saturday was an enjoyable day. No visitors and we just hung out with the family. We let the dogs play with Stephen on the floor some and it is fun to watch them get adjusted. It is obvious they notice the change in the “family unit” but so far, they are just fine. Titan (male - tan & black) is over joyed at the new addition. If we leave the room with Stephen and he does not notice, he will frantically search the house til he finds where Stephen is.  When Stephen makes noise, Titan is very interested. He loves to lick Stephen. Does Titan know that Stephen is the future crumb feeder? Maybe. Nikita (black -female) is much more reserved and in her usual fashion, she is hanging back to observe what role Stephen will take before rushing to a deep friendship. She also gives Stephen kisses, but not nearly as often or vigorously.

 We decided to pack up the family and go out for a bit on Saturday evening. All five of us left the house in the truck and headed towards the beach. We took a nice drive down the beach with the windows open and enjoyed being out of the house.  Because we were near saltwater, the dogs were very excited thinking they were going to the beach to play ball.  Guess they are having to make adjustments to ! A few times the dogs made Laura nervous, but I was not worried.  I think the difference comes from having confidence in knowing that if I say stop, the dogs will respond.  Laura and I are going to work on her control of the dogs and concentrating on using the right words.

 Dinner at Laura’s favorite Thai restaurant after dark. It was kinda funny how when trying to decide on where to eat, Laura said that we need to make sure they have a high chair. My initial reaction was “what the heck do I need a high chair for” and then quickly realized why.  Because she goes there so much, they recognized her and were all amazed at Stephen. They made comments about how old he was and how big he was. They could not believe he was only 7 days old.

Home for our nightly ritual of feedings and diaper changes.

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