Friday May25th - Let the Games Begin!

I think that Laura is finally catching up on her sleep. Through the night, I am the one who hears Stephen and gets up to check on him. Usually followed by a “what happened, was he crying” from Laura. She seems to need the sleep, so I am grateful to be able to provide the opportunity for her. My mom said after he was born, we would never sleep the same again, I doubted her.  When he cries in the night, it feels as though it is a shreek that pierces through me. I wake suddenly to them all. I think?
Question: When he cries in the night, does it mean he has a dirty diaper or is he hungry? 

Answer: Probably both!

 Friday we wake up and begin our regimen. The plan is to get some other things done that day.  I need to get my truck washed and oil changed as it is way over due.  In addition, Laura’ s rental breast pump is not working on both cylinders so I need to procure some additional parts.  My first chance to demonstrate to Stephen “how to fix things”.

After a check up call to Lucile, we settle in for a pump/feeding session. This is really quite an ordeal. Stephen has his own will and agenda. It does not coincide with what is best for him. The more I try to impose the solution, the more he resists. I smirk and realize this is just the beginning.  This is an age old battle between father and son and I am just being inducted into the process. It is amazing at 6 days old, he has already such a defineable personality.  He is smart to, he gets what the game is and how to “checkout” when he is tired of playing. He just pretends he is not hungry and clamps his mouth shut then turns his head away from me as if to say ” not so fast Mr. New Dad”.

Am I going to be a smart enough father to properly school the new and improved Jansma throughout the next 18 years? I am suddenly awakened to the daunting task at hand.  The responsibility of it all suddenly hits me.  Being a father is not all just pride, but work and lots of it. I better do some more reading and enlist the help of those I respect who have traversed this path before me. I quietly pray to God for help in the next 18 years. Guidance and wisdom please.

My mom stops by for another visit. She is obviously smitten with young Stephen. It is good to see her so happy.

IN the afternoon, I get a chance to take shower and head out of the house. First to the hospital to pick up the needed parts to create a double pumper breast machine and then to get my oil changed. I stop off and have a steak and cheese sub and some onion rings, it is bright and sunny. I yearn to get home to see my boy.

I drive by the car wash and there is a line, getting home is more important, I drive on by.

A new friend of mine asks to stop over and bring a gift. She comes with a “time capsule” including newspapers and magazines from the day/week he was born. It has his name on it and she encourages us to continue to fill the box with lots of things having to do with Stephen.  What a great idea and gift !  She also brings a giant buffet of Italian food from her favorite Italian restaurant. It is fabulous.  So much of it that we continue to eat from it for several days. Each dish is better than the next. Two great gifts. THANKS Patricia !
Laura’s sister Joanne and husband Gary stop by along with Nanny Vella (Laura’s Mom). It is good to see such a smile on Nanny Vella’s face as well. 

The bottle feeding by days end is improving. I am actually seeing progress and he is mimicking what I am doing and in fact occassionally opening his mouth more and more.  I feel some satisfaction in having made a difference.  Maybe I am smart enough after all. I pray to God for humility. This is just one small battle, there are perhaps hundreds if not thousands more to come.

Friday night is pretty calm. Some ice cream and cake and the mother and I are feeling a bit better. Her pain is easing and we are adjusting. 

Laura decides to change him around 10pm. So far, I have been doing most of the dirty work and she is anxious to get started (I don’t know why) . I hear her laughing from across the house. She re emerges into the family room and inquires if he has “gotten me” yet. I chuckle and say no. Apparently he pee’d on her, twice.  I guess so far, he and I have mutual respect. He must know he is outgunned with me. Or I hope so.

I retire to bed with the satisfaction of progress and the idea that so far, he has pee’d on the Dr, Susan the nurse and his mother. He is certainly showing me some respect thus far? Or is it dumb luck? Time will tell.  I will now be extra vigilant in preventing the primal markings of a young baby so I can relish the thought at least of him having some mutual respect !  Denial is a powerful thing!

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