Thursday May 24th - Out and about

Today was the original due date for Stephen. The day we thought we would welcome him to the world. This was before his giant growth spurts.

 We wake and decide to try and take more action with the breastfeeding. We call the lactation station and make an appt at 10am to see Lucile. Susan (friend, ex employee and L & D nurse at the hospital) makes the call for us.  We take showers and rush around trying to pack Stephen up for his first trip out of the house.  I take the tags off of my diaper bag and stuff it with what I think we might need. WE have a 10am appt with the lactation station, a 12:45 apt with the pediatrician and then a 3pm appt with the OBGYN as Laura’s swelling has not changed.

 Off to the lactation station where we meet with Lucile who is very helpful, patient and understanding. She identifies Stephen’s problem, he is not opening his mouth wide enough. She states the plan is to teach him to open his mouth more while giving Laura a chance to heal.  She explains that I need to bottle feed him and while doing so, teach him to open up.  She shows me what I need to do and then watches me do it. Wrestling with a hungry baby whom you are trying to entice into opening his mouth very wide and stick out his tongue and then trying to race the bottle to his mouth before his hands get there is quite a task.  My son is stubborn as well (whodya thunk it) and we start to clash as I try to restrain his hands in an effort to win the race. It is comical to watch him exert his will into the situation. The first of many times I am sure I will be faced with his personality.

Lucile teaches Laura how to use the breast pump and we go downstairs and rent the “hospital grade” breast pump for $22.50 per week.  Pack that stuff and our little bundle of joy out to the car and now off to the pediatrician’s office.

I comment that we will spend the next few days (or week) teaching him to open up his mouth more and the rest of our lives teaching him to keep it shut more.

We arrive at the pediatricians in time for our apt and meet some friends in the waiting room. Then we are whisked off to the exam room. Undress him, weigh him and then back in the exam room. A few quick questions and a joke or two and then we are out of there in like 20 minutes. One of the reasons we chose this Dr was because we had heard how efficient their office was and how easy he was to deal with. He wears shorts and loud shirts and he and I get along great.

 Stephen had lost about 14 ounces since birth, completely normal. We have to come back on Tuesday for a re-weigh to make sure the feedings are going well. Heart mur mur is gone and all seems well.

Now what do we do? Dunkin Donuts for a large coffee and back home for a small break before heading out to the OBGYN’s.  We get to that appt on time and see the Dr who explains that Lauras swelling may continue for upto 8 weeks.  She made some suggestions and then back out the door.  Home to pump/feed and take a nap, if possible. We are exhausted.

 My mom comes over and spends a few hours just holding him. Big smile on her face, we are grateful for the break.  A heat and serve meal and then dishes for me. (Yes, I do laundry, cook and dishes) She leaves and we stare at the TV.

Not so fast, around 11pm I realize that we are almost out of diapers. I find myself on the way to the grocery store at midnight in search of the necessary diaper.  I notice the store is busy and there is a feeling of excitement in the air. It is the night before a holiday weekend. I have no plans, nothing,  no cookout, no friends, no trip to a foriegn land, nothing.  I start to read all the offerings. How can diapers be so complicated. Complete wetness protection. Isn’t that the purpose of a diaper?  I am picking up an 84 pack of huggies. I am to tired to decipher the best deal. (write that down in your calender) I think to myself on the way to the checkout “my life has forever been altered, diapers at midnight”…… I smile at the thought of seeing his face when I get back home. I officially feel like a father comfortable in my weekend agenda.

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