Wedsneday 5-23-07 - Our life is a blue haze

Our first full day at home. It was nice not to be woken by all those dr’s and nurses.  Stephen is really a great baby. Very predictable at this point. (we know this won’t last)  We change him which wakes him up and then feed him and then change him again and then put him down for a nap. Rinse and repeat every 3 hours.

We basically spend the day adjusting to our new life, our new love. We each comment on how oogling him is so much fun. We also admit that we feel ourselves falling in love with him. It is a strange and wonderful feeling.  He opens his eyes and your heart jumps. He looks at you and the world stops turning.

We have the TV on, but are mostly fumbling through our day in a stooper.   In awe of the task at hand, feeling inept even though we took every class that was available to us. He would make a sound or a face and we would spend 30 minutes deciding if or what it meant.

Laura is having a very painful time breastfeeding. This leaves us frustrated. Everyone at the hospital said he was latching on just fine. Yet the pain is getting worse by the minute. She is in tears and wincing at the thought of feeding again. I contact the le leche league by email and call the lactation station at the hospital to seek help.  Each of them offer help and consolation to our situation.  She is in more and more tears and I feel helpless and unable to help.

We are speeding through diapers. We got a bunch of free ones from Diana and quickly realize that we are going to run out pretty soon.  The laundry is piling up very fast. Fortunately he is small enough that in one load of laundry we can fit a lot of his clothes and blankets.

Laura had the fore thought to go to a place called “Get cookin’” where you can use there kitchen and ingredients and recipe’s to make two weeks worth of meals (main dish only) and then freeze them, ready to heat and serve.  I am able to cook dinner pretty easily, read the directions on the of the package and make a salad or other vegetable.  Then I do dishes.

 We move on into the night, waking at every peep he makes. We are sleeping in his room. He is sleeping in his crib.

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