Tuesday May 22nd - Going home !

Again, I am trying to catch up.

We were woken up at 4:45am as usual by our pediatrician who I think has  coffee addiction and he gets started unusually early.  I really like him, just not that early in the morning.

 Anyways, a littany of visitors including the hearing tester and a photographer who wanted to charge me like WAY to much for some photos.  I think she was quite unaware of who she was dealing with.

 Anyways, after lugging a ton of gifts down to my truck I ran home and took a shower and dropped off the gifts, picked up the car and headed back. Now, you have to understand in this day and age, liability and procedure take precedence over any common sense.  So before we could take Stephen from the hospital, we had to watch a 30 minute video that covered basically nothing and then sign a whole bunch of forms. In addition, we had to demonstrate A.) that we had a car seat and B.) that we knew how to put him in it.  So, after placing Stephen in the car seat, we were then instructed to remove him from it and place him in Laura’s lap for he ride down to the front door. Along with Stephen, Laura had to carry the “suction bulb” for the trip. Mind you, this is hospital regulation. SO - I (semi patiently) went along and carried the car seat and the remainder of the gifts and flowers and follwed the nurse down to the front door. Alas, we were almost free of their watchful eye.  I was shocked to learn that no one even bothered to verify that we had the base in the car much less belted in the car.  So I made my getaway with Stephen safely belted in as we had the fire department install our car seat.

 So, the ride home was uneventful with a stop at a pharmacy to pick up the needed prescriptions for Laura. I stopped by a friend of mine who owns a pharmacy as any proud papa woud do and showed him off.

 Then home to meet the dogs ! Nikita and Titan were excited to see us and to meet Stephen.  We let the dogs out of the house to run around the yard and burn off some energy and then introduced them to Stephen, who did not flinch, but only made a “yuck face” when Titan licked him right on the lips ! No crying and no problems.  Nikita, did a bit of sniffing (the diaper) and then marched on as always.

 He came home in his Tampa Bay Buccaneers outfit and the new car seat.  We set up the bassinet (?spelling) and plopped him in. It was SOOOOO nice to have him home in our house.  Laura’s mom who had been watching the dogs stayed for a bit and then left. Laura and I basked in the glow of having our baby at home.

 Next we would see just how well (or not) we had set things up in the nursery.

Later on that night, she started feeding and we all know what follows that. All and all, changing him was about the same as at the hospital and I like using “baby wipes” much better than thick paper towels that are moistened under the faucet. Not quite sure why the hospital has yet moved into this past century and garnered some baby wipes.

Anyways, pretty uneventful, I ordered my favorite pizza and then Laura and I took nice long showers and off to bed. We have a fairly large nursey which you can see more of at  http://stephenjansma.com/?cat=3 and we smartly agreed to keep the nice queen size bed in there. This way, we can spend the night with the baby and not have to move him and all his stuff into our room.  It was a grand idea.

We actually got about 4 hours of sleep in between feedings and besides having to tear the tags off of many items, things went smoothly. Again, the diaper genie is spectacular.

More to come on Wednesday

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