Monday May 21st

Alrighty then. 3 days have whizzed by. Monday was interesting as the adrenaline of the birth wore off and the exhaustion of not sleeping much for 3 days caught up with us.

 Monday we did not spend much time outside of the room as we started to settle in to a routine with the baby and started to field questions to the Dr’s and nurses. We have plenty of questions as we are new parents and this child did not come with a manual. WE are so glad we took all the classes and still realize the importance of trusting our instincts as well.

The OB Dr. said we could go home, but felt the help of the nurses and the hospital were probably worth it.  We opted to stay another day. Laura’s incision is slow healing and causing her pain.  It was a nice quiet day.

I have the greatest employees, so checking in at work is at a minimum. Things run pretty good without me there.

 Laura is out now on maternity leave and she gets 8 weeks paid time off and then can take another 4 weeks of vacation time for a total of 12 weeks off.

 Today was also the first day that Laura had to change a diaper. I have been changing them all since he was born.  In the beginning I am told they do not stink and I am in agreement. I am not looking forward to the time when they start stinking !

 He is opening his eyes and lifting his head up (actually he started this on day one) and we enjoy those moments when he looks up at you and tries to figure out who you are and what you are doing.

This is all for now, more on tomorrow.


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