Trying to catch up ! More pictures….

Things are a whirl wind around here, doctors, nurses, friends, family, lactation specialist and a pediatrician through in a few hundred phone calls and only 3 hours of sleep since Friday and then the diapers and the cleaning and the ciricumcision and so on. IT is truly exhausting to keep up with all this !

Everything is good and everyone is healthy, but we are all learning on how to co-exist quietly with one another. New mommy is nervous and scared and new daddy is unsure and tentative about what squeek means what and what to do next.

 Grandma Miller (Mike’s Mom) has been waiting for this day for many, many years. So she is excited and has been present to help a lot. 


Nanny Vella has also been waiting for this day and is helping by watching our other kids.   Here is Nanny Vella with Stephen.


 Here he is with his 7th or 8th hat. His head is so big that so far we have not been able to find a hat that will stay on his head.


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