Stephen Riley Jansma has arrived…

At 8:16am on Saturday May 19th God has presented Stephen Riley Jansma to the world. Are we ready?  So far everything seems to be just about perfect. Laura had a C section at 39 weeks and 1 day as all indications were showing a large baby.

 Well, they were right. He measured 22 inches long and weighed in at a heft 9 pounds and 12.5 ounces. 

 Both the mother and baby are doing fine. Mom had some minor complications, but nothing at all to be concerned about.

 Here are some pictures of the events:

Laura checking in


 First cuts on Laura


Dr D is pulling Laura open and cutting her way to where the baby was !


Here  he comes, he came out screaming as if to announce his arrival with thunder ! It was a great sound.


Then after his head was out, they cleaned out his nose and began pushing and pulling on him.


 More and more of him appears pretty darn quickly !


This is about where the Dr said “he looks great…and HE IS PEEING ALL OVER ME”

Laura’s OBGYN is pretty fun and good looking to. We have made friends. Here she is pinching my boys  butt. I guess she is a flirt as well ! I will make sure and show this picture to the girls he starts dating!


 And then they cut the cord. They would not allow me to because of potential risk of infection into Laura’s abdomen.


Here is where Laura first sees him all wrapped up.

Here he is on the scale for proof the winner of the contest. I have not looked, but I am sure someone has guessed the right number !


And here I am holding him, a little tired of course !


 Here is the Dr D with the baby. We have all bonded. A boating trip is going to be needed to celebrate this momentous occassion. Especially after he just pee’d on her.  I don’t think he will be able to do that again in his life and leave em smiling !


And then the mother is returned to the room and gets to hold him.


Here he is all stretched out. Even in Laura’s belly he wanted to stretch out. Trying to wrap him up is like trying to wrestle an octopus !


And another shot of him in the two shirt warmer !


So far in his first few hours he has eaten, burped and soiled his first diaper. Which I promptly changed. It’s lots of fun and everyone was watching me  ! Fortunately, all those classes I took paid off !  I passed the test with many nurses watching !

The Laura’s best friend Diana got to hold him.


We all enjoyed the relief of a healthy baby boy and a successful birth with very few complications. Then I started on the phone calls.
I cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful caring friends that we both have and the great friendships.  The love and support is spectacular. 

I will post more later !

 Enjoy, Michael, Laura and Stephen

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  1. baby Says:

    Well what can I say Im in LOVE Stephen is BEUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to say WELCOME to the world Stephen we’ve been waiting for you We are looking forward to all the many years to come P.S. Brice is already driving us nuts wanting to see Stephen we told him he’ll have to wait till Stephens Dr gives the ok for little visitors

  2. joanne mcd Says:

    Congratulations on the birth of Stephen. All Dave and I can say is “Oh my God!!!” Such a big boy. The pictures are great! Love to you all.
    Joanne and Dave

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