Here we go…..

Hello Everyone!

We finally have our surgery time.  It will be at 7:30 am, 5/19/07.

But, we need to arrive at the hospital at 5:30 am.  That’s right…5:30 am. Those who know Michael know he is NOT a morning person.  Not that I’m much of one either.  So, right now, I’m thinking this will be the hardest part of our day.  Getting up and to the hospital by 5:30. :)   But as Michael said when I broke the news of the time to him, “It will all be worth it”.

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  1. Hallie Says:

    How exciting!

    We haven’t met, although I met Michael at Catalyst. As a mom of three, I’m sending lots of warm thoughts your way. What a magical day tomorrow will be!


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