5/15 Dr Visit, D Day and OMG!

We had our final pre baby Dr visit this morning.  With one last ultrasound.  And guess what?  Baby is still growing some. Todays estimate was at 9.2 lbs.  And my belly measured at 44 weeks.  Which is probably due to extra fluid. 

So, that being said, we are now scheduled for a c section on Saturday. Looks like Stephen’s birthday will be the 19th. Unless he decides to be here before then that is. :) Won’t know the time of the c section until Friday though.

 How am I feeling about it all?  Well….my thoughts are running rampant.  From OMG! I’m having a baby on Saturday to Wow! I’m finally going to meet Stephen, this VERY active little being inside of me.  As well as OMG!  I still have a ton of stuff to do.  My emotions are a little off the charts as well. From elated to terrified.  I imagine these are feelings I will be feeling from time to time as Stephen grows up.  As well as many others.  But I know together with Michael by my side, we’ll all be just fine.

So keep us in your prayers, weigh in on the contest if you  haven’t yet and we’ll keep ya posted.

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