Stephens Birthday!

I have created this thread to centralize the many requests we have gotten to call and notify all of you about the birth of Stephen.  Things may happen in the hospital that may not allow me to call everyone.  Since we both have so many friends and family, this is an easy way for me to post information, pictures and events that occur in one place for all to read.  I will of course make posts and provide pictures when convenient to Laura. 

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  1. jarrodguthrie Says:

    Congratulations Laura and Michael!

  2. jimwarden Says:

    Keep us posted Laura and Michael. Can’t wait to see photos.
    A child is the greatest blessing, and I am excited for you both.
    What a beautiful expectant mother. Best, Jim

  3. shellyandjohnhudson Says:

    Laura and Michael as a mom of three wonderful boys things will go fast. At any given time we could be at baseball, speech tournaments, soccer, tennis or running one to the movies and letting another practice driving with his permit. Take time and enjoy you precious gift you can’t go back and make up for the time you miss. Mine are 20, 16, and 13 and they all keep us on our toes.

    Enjoy and I look forward to more great pictures.


  4. Says:

    Congrats! May 12th is the best birthday, thanks for making this one easy to remember.

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