05/09/07 Dr. Visit

Ok, for all of you who are wondering when I’m finally going to have this baby.


Still not sure. J

We have a tentative C section date on the 19th. Which will put me just over 39 weeks.

My belly is still measuring at 43 weeks.  But not sure if Stephen has grown any bigger than the 8.9 lbs as measured last week.

Next weeks Dr visit will include another ultrasound.  Which will tell us a little more.

Doc says unless I go naturally between now and the 19th, the c section is most likely to happen. And me going naturally anytime soon is pretty slim.  I have had no contractions (not even Braxton Hicks)  and am not dilated in the least.

Good news is, we did another stress test today on the baby and he is doing great. And despite my puffy hands, face and humongous feet, my blood pressure is still low.

We’ll keep you all posted on the next chapter.



BTW - the 19th happens to be Michael’s lucky number.  So we can’t go wrong with that date. :)

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  1. The Chad Says:

    Holy cow Laura! I had no idea that Stephen was getting so big! At first, I couldn’t figure out why you would automatically schedule a C section. Well, I now see the sliiiiight complication. What have you been eating? GNC Bulk-Up products???

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