Ok, this is a stick up, everyone put there hands UP!

Some notes about Stephen sleeping. He goes to sleep quietly, to my knowledge he has not yet had to cry himself to sleep.  Which I think is good.

 He grunts, snorts, squeeks, talks, moans, farts, burps and makes many other noises pretty much constantly throughout the night.  I have had to banish him and Laura to the nursey cuz I cannot get any sleep with all the noise he makes.  Laura can seem to sleep through it. Probably cuz she is more tired than me!

 This photo shows the way he lays during all sleeping events. I have very rarely seem him sleep another way.

In case you did not know, you can click on any photo and see a much large version. You can also “right mouse click” on them and use the “save as” and save one of his photos to your computer ! 


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