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Ok, this is a stick up, everyone put there hands UP!

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

Some notes about Stephen sleeping. He goes to sleep quietly, to my knowledge he has not yet had to cry himself to sleep.  Which I think is good.

 He grunts, snorts, squeeks, talks, moans, farts, burps and makes many other noises pretty much constantly throughout the night.  I have had to banish him and Laura to the nursey cuz I cannot get any sleep with all the noise he makes.  Laura can seem to sleep through it. Probably cuz she is more tired than me!

 This photo shows the way he lays during all sleeping events. I have very rarely seem him sleep another way.

In case you did not know, you can click on any photo and see a much large version. You can also “right mouse click” on them and use the “save as” and save one of his photos to your computer ! 


After a nice car ride and nap.

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

 I love it when he wakes up when we get to our new destination and he casually opens his eyes and his head looks around and if he is surveying where he is and then he closes them and goes back to sleep. He is like his daddy, needs to know where he is at all times.

 ”Your not going to take pictures of me now, are you ?”


Ok, since you are insisiting, I better look awake !


Ok, that is enough now, go away, I am going back to sleep !


Saturday, July 28th, 2007

This is Stephen as he is waking up. This is a few days after coming home. He is a very good baby. He does not cry very much and he is very happy all the time. Even when he is hungy, he makes a fuss, but really does not scream his lungs out very much, not even once a day. When he wakes up , he  just fusses and grunts and squeeks.


Trying to catch up….

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Ok, I apologize. Many of you have been complaining to me that they keep checking this blog and finding nothing new. Well, it has been a chore to adjust to life with Stephen and solve all the new little problems that seem to pop up. Then trying to spend time to write on here as well. It’s been tough. More tough on Laura than me.

 Here are some pics for you:


This is when we brought him home. Some how I missed posting this then.  Yes, that is a Buccaneers outfit.


This was after getting him home and placing him in the “daytime” bassinet which is where he spends most of his daylight hours napping in while we run around and try to prepare for the next “go round” of feeding drills.

Notice the dogs, they are very attentive to him as well. Especially Titan, the Tan and Black male, he is funny. He wakes up from a nap and if Stephen is not in eye sight, he gets rather panicked and then franticly searches the house until he finds him. Then lays down next to where ever he is and goes back to sleep. Here is a picture of how Titan sleeps.


 Laura had some problems getting Stephen to feed consistently on the breast so we had to resort to renting a hospital grade pump and then pump 12 times a day to keep her volume up (that takes 30 minutes) and then pour into a bottle and then spend 30-45 minutes feeding him with a special nipple designed to train him to suck right. Then wash everything. Then it was time to change him and start all over.

 Needless to say that Laura became frustrated pretty quickly. Lack of sleep and feeling like a 24 hour chinese buffet in a labor camp will do that to you. We talked with local lacatation specialist and tons of friends who are nurses (pediatric and L & D) and many other experienced people. WE heard that we were doing the right things and that we would just have to grin and bare it as long as possible.  We continued on.

I would try and help when I could by feeding Stephen, but I could do nothing in the pumping process. God forbid he got hungry 1/2 hour early, then you were behind and the on man 10lb drill sergent was screaming at you until you got him his dinner.

Here is what he looks like right after a feeding. Happy and content.


 Here he is with his eyes wide open. Notice in both pics (above and below) that I still have my hospital band on. They told us not to take them off for a few days in case he needed to come back.


Caption for above. “Who are you and what are you doing staring at me?…Stephen says”

Here is shot of Stephen after his session at the pump.  If you could see Laura’s face, it is not nearly as relaxed. Bleeding and in pain is not the ideal “mother son moment” that all the advertising made breast feeding out to be.


Stephen says “Hey, turn off the lights, it’s nap time”.

 Finally, here is how I help best.


Ok, that is all for today. The internet connection here (Anna Maria Island) is slow at best.  We are on our first vacation with Stephen. A whole new set of problems and responsibility’s. Ever imagine packing up your entire house and moving it with you??? MY GOSH. I will give you a play by play on what it takes to pack up a new born, in case you forgot. Good thing I got a truck.

 Bye for now !

Michael, Laura and Stephen