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Monday May 21st

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Alrighty then. 3 days have whizzed by. Monday was interesting as the adrenaline of the birth wore off and the exhaustion of not sleeping much for 3 days caught up with us.

 Monday we did not spend much time outside of the room as we started to settle in to a routine with the baby and started to field questions to the Dr’s and nurses. We have plenty of questions as we are new parents and this child did not come with a manual. WE are so glad we took all the classes and still realize the importance of trusting our instincts as well.

The OB Dr. said we could go home, but felt the help of the nurses and the hospital were probably worth it.  We opted to stay another day. Laura’s incision is slow healing and causing her pain.  It was a nice quiet day.

I have the greatest employees, so checking in at work is at a minimum. Things run pretty good without me there.

 Laura is out now on maternity leave and she gets 8 weeks paid time off and then can take another 4 weeks of vacation time for a total of 12 weeks off.

 Today was also the first day that Laura had to change a diaper. I have been changing them all since he was born.  In the beginning I am told they do not stink and I am in agreement. I am not looking forward to the time when they start stinking !

 He is opening his eyes and lifting his head up (actually he started this on day one) and we enjoy those moments when he looks up at you and tries to figure out who you are and what you are doing.

This is all for now, more on tomorrow.


Trying to catch up ! More pictures….

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

Things are a whirl wind around here, doctors, nurses, friends, family, lactation specialist and a pediatrician through in a few hundred phone calls and only 3 hours of sleep since Friday and then the diapers and the cleaning and the ciricumcision and so on. IT is truly exhausting to keep up with all this !

Everything is good and everyone is healthy, but we are all learning on how to co-exist quietly with one another. New mommy is nervous and scared and new daddy is unsure and tentative about what squeek means what and what to do next.

 Grandma Miller (Mike’s Mom) has been waiting for this day for many, many years. So she is excited and has been present to help a lot. 


Nanny Vella has also been waiting for this day and is helping by watching our other kids.   Here is Nanny Vella with Stephen.


 Here he is with his 7th or 8th hat. His head is so big that so far we have not been able to find a hat that will stay on his head.


Stephens now 30 hours old…..

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

May 20th, 2007

Well, needless to say that yesterday was a pretty exciting day in our lives.  Tons of things going on and lots of things to learn and try to understand.

 Fortunately, we are blessed with just the right people in our lives.

 Many visitors and Stephen at this point seems very content outside of his mothers belly. So far, he only cries when you really up set him by poking him with a sharp object or other physically harmful things. He really is very quiet and pretty easy to take care of.

We had some difficulty keeping his blood sugar up last night and spent most of the night trying to wake him up and keep him awake long enough to feed and take in the nutrients he needs.  The more we kept him up, the more calories he would burn, the less energy he had and the less interested in eating he became. Finally, at 2:30am I took him to the nursery and had the nurses “cup” feed him some formula.  He took it real well and his blood sugars came way up and then he slept for four hours.

Funny story, I was asleep about an hour and Laura about two hours when the pediatrician showed up at 5am and the tech tried to sneak into the room and take Stephen out to see the Dr. and she made a tiny noice and Laura and I shot straight up out of bed and startled the girl. She blurted out “you two must live in a bad neighborhood”.  We were just happy he was asleep and so we crawled back into bed. We did not laugh or even comment I don’t think until after a bit longer nap.

 Stephen loves to sleep all stretched out, legs straight and hands above his head. It is quite a site. NO covers either, just like his daddy.

Dr D said Laura is doing fine and a discharge tomorrow is possible. She is taking a shower now and looking forward to feeling human again I am sure.

 Many many visitors and it shows how much love Stephen will have in his life. Family and friends a like.  Everyone cannot believe how big he is and they expect him to sit up and start talking.  IT would not suprise us, he already opens his eyes and holds his own head up quite often for 1-2-3 minutes and pays attention and looks around. Most times when asleep, his hands and feet are moving as if he is conducting an orchestra.  He is a busy body.

 I know you are probably sick of me saying this, but it is truly amazing to watch a human life take form and then develope right in front of your eyes. But then again, most of you probably already know this.

 Here are some pics !

Aunt Yeanori (prounounced Ja-nori)


Aunt Megan


Eyes open and looking around




Uncle Buddy


Uncle Andrew


Daddy’s lap


That’s MR fat cheeks to you  !


I will try and make a post for every day for the next week or so to keep everyone up on the progress!

 THANKS for all your love and support .