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What’s in a name?

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Naming our new addition was a difficult one.  For Michael that is. 

I was never one of those little girls that had her wedding planned before she was 12 or had her babies names picked out.  I was too busy outside playing and skinning my knees.  Not from playing too hard, but from inherited clumsiness.

So, seeing as it was a boy, Michael took on the task.  I did have one request…that he not name him Michael.  That was because we have lots of Michael’s in our family already and every Michael I’ve ever known in my life has been trouble. (Sorry Sweetie XOXOXXO)

Stephen’s first name comes from  Michael’s uncle Stephen.  Who he adored growing up and still adores and loves to this day.  He was the kind of uncle that let Michael, at 11 years of age, drive his car all over town every time they went anywhere together.  So what boy or man could pass up paying homage to an uncle like that? J  And silly me thought Michael was a name to stay away from. LOL  In all seriousness, his uncle Stephen is a wonderful man, with an amazing outlook on life.  I can only hope that our son has the same outlook.

Stephen’s middle name comes from Michael’s very long and dear friend, and mentor, Burt Riley Waters. Burt was his best man at our wedding and has been a guiding light in Michael’s life for over 20 years.  He too is an amazing example for our son.

He did struggle with wanting to use Michael as Stephen’s middle name.  And I gave in and said if he really wanted to, I was ok with it.  But I think he made the better choices in honoring two very special men in his life.  Stephen Riley Jansma….and it sounds pretty good too.