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Snoopy has left the building…..

Monday, May 7th, 2007

and arrived at our house via the internet. 

Not suprising, but we made many purchases online for our nursery. Mostly out of necessity if you can believe that. For some reason babies R us has boycotted snoopy. Can you believe it?

Laura announced very early on that she wished to decorate the nursery with “peek a boo” snoopy and who was I to argue.  I had already read enough books about pregnant woman to know that resistance was futile. I am a dog lover, Snoopy is the coolest dog ever, my lovely wife wanted him, it was settled. Peek a boo snoopy to the rescue.

He is also an american icon, why the heck can you not buy one item of snoopy at babies r us? I was shocked, outraged in fact, but after 5 hours of mushing through babies R us following Diana (Laura’s best friend) and Laura who were “oohing” and “ahhing” at the infinite supply of safety and health things available to today’s parents (and their wallets) I had determined a nap was more worthy of my energy rather than chatting with the manager.  In my 37 years, I have finally grasped “I can be right, or I can be happy”. I was very happy on the couch. Want to see the nursery………?

The crib and glider


The inside of the crib


 A glider purchase for Laura and I by my aunts, uncles and cousins located in Michigan. Thanks to all !


Stephens best friends are here and waiting for him as well. Sniffing around and wondering what all the hub bub is about.


 The dresser and changing table.


The chest


 The Snoopy quilt.


More to come as this is a work in progress!